Resales Buy Owner - No Contract and still stole my money

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I spoke to Rick Berman on the phone in February 2009 about trying to sell my timeshare. We were in agreeance to the terms and I offered my payment information (for the charge of $945.00), only after he stated that I would receive a call from the authorization department about how he handled everything and if we agreed. Then and only then would the charge be applied and the contract mailed out. I DID NOT receive that call and the money was drafted out of my account on 3/9/09. When I called Resales Buy Owner everyone was real helpful about the issuing the reverse charge since by that time I had changed my mind and no contract was sent out but nothing was ever done. I have spoken to Rick one other time in over a year and have faxed my bank statement over to Krista and Michelle Green over and over and still no resolution. I have NO CONTRACT, They are NOT trying to sell my property because I am technically a client. THEY STILL HAVE NOT GIVEN ME BACK THE MONEY THEY STOLE FROM ME!!! I call once a week and the only returned call I have gotten is from Michelle Green telling me that the are still researching it. IT HAS BEEN OVER A YEAR! Now their 800-985-1223 or 386-322-9515 numbers are not working. UGH!! I have filed a complaint with the BBB of Central Florida to no success.

Natalie S.

Baton Rouge, LA

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Resales Buy Owner - Huge fine by the state...

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This company was just fined about 3 weeks ago for 1.5 million dollars by the state of florida.You can contact the state and they will verify this.

You can guess why they got fined because they dont do a *** thing for you.

The investigation is ongoing as of right now .

Beware of this company.

Do not deal with them at all, I dont even think that they are permitted by the state to even still operate in the industry.Help spread the word around to all that they have ripped off and taken for a ride over the years.

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Resales Buy Owner ripped us off

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RESALES BUY OWNER - do not deal with these people. They will rip you off. Tell you they have buyers for your timeshare. Get you to pay them a fee. Next contact with you is to tell you the buyer fell through and you will never hear from them again. All they do is advertise your property - they DO NOT help you in the least to sell it.

You will NEVER receive a reply at their 800 number - NO ONE will every return your call -

AS LONG AS YOU SIGN THE CONTRACT - under any agreement from a sale person. They WILL NOT back you up with what the sales person told you. They merely go by the wording in their contrac...........YOU ARE *** OUT OF LUCK...

BEWARE........... of these people... Jack Wasserman, Mike Hooper, Cheryl Clay, Michelle Green, Patrick Hollingsworth, Alex Wasco from RESALES BUY OWNER, South Daytona, Florida.



I have been trying to sell my timeshare for years now.Nearly a year ago I signed up with Resales by Owner.

Yeah, paid them money to sell the thing. Then, I got stupider so when they called me in January telling me they could rent the property until it sells FOR A FEE of course, I ponied up a LOT of money - 150 bucks per week for a 12 week block. I haven't heard from them since and now none of the phone numbers I have for them is working.

I wish we had never bought the thing.We've used it 3 times in the 10+ years we have owned it, and NEVER on "our" week.


:grin I am happy with resales buy owner.I had a timeshare that was left to me by my father.

I never used the property but, paid fees on it. I received a call from Ms. Jennings. She was so informative and was always there when I called.

I sold the timeshare and I am happy.



Everything they said is absolute fact.Had the same experience.

Dont understand why they dont put as much effort into actual saling of timeshares as they do in ripping people off!!!! Alex Wasco is a fraud lier ***.

BEWARE.If carma exist may he be struck by lightning!!!!

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